Easy to reclose - Just fold and snap!

The innovative reclosing device SnapQuick™ takes reclosure to the next level. It is a convenient reclosing device, easy enough for everyone to use. Unlike many other reclosing alternatives, SnapQuick™ is lightweight and part of the package.

The SnapQuick™ reclosing device is integrated into the package, without compromising the functionality. Once the package is opened, it can be easily closed by just folding the top and giving it a light pinch. The reclosing device is made from PET and adds less than 0.38 gram to the total package weight, which is substantially less compared to conventional reclosing devices such as screw caps. You just fold and snap!

The SnapQuick™ is available for family-sized Ecolean® Air and Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages. The SnapQuick™ applicator modules, one for EL1 filling machine for chilled distribution and one for EL3 / EL3+ filling machine for ambient distribution, connect to the filling machine as an integrated part and applies the SnapQuick to the package prior to filling.

Available in the following sizes:

Filling machine