Ecolean® Air

Colour, shape and excellent printability

The Ecolean® Air range have the perfect surface for high-quality print. Colour and sharpness will do justice to any communicative intention and will draw the attention of any fast moving, easily distracted consumer. Its generous face display will contribute even more.

Milk and yoghurt of course, but also water, kefir and other fermented products have already seen the inside of an Ecolean® Air package. Choose from family size packages or portion packs for people on the go.

The unique feature SnapQuick is a convenient reclosing device, easy enough for everyone to use. Unlike many other reclosing devices, SnapQuick is lightweight and a smart integrated part of the package. You just fold and snap! Available for 500, 1000 and 1500ml Ecolean® Air packages.

Available in the following sizes:

SizeOptionsFilling machine
Straw optional
Straw optional
SnapQuick™ optional
SnapQuick™ optional
SnapQuick™ optional