Ecolean® Air Aseptic

Unique, Eye-catching and Convenient to use

Aseptic packaging brings healthy, flavourful and exciting food products to people all over the world – without the limitations of refrigerated distribution. Moreover, it reduces environmental impact, since no energy is needed to cool products during storage and distribution.

The Ecolean® Air Aseptic lightweight package is suitable, with its unique and eye-catching shape, for displaying products such as; white milk, flavoured milk, drinking yoghurts, juice drinks, nectars, ice tea etc.

Even though the package is light and thin it has a multilayer structure that protects the content. The multilayer co-extrusion film consists partly of chalk and has extended light and oxygen barriers. Since the aseptic packaging material is completely aluminium free, you are able to heat the product in a microwave, while still in the Ecolean package.

The unique feature SnapQuick is a convenient reclosing device, easy enough for everyone to use. Unlike many other reclosing devices, SnapQuick is lightweight and a smart integrated part of the package. You just fold and snap! Available for 500, 750 and 1000ml Ecolean® Air Aseptic packages.