Convenience features


The Ecolean package is convenient to use. It's easy to grip, open, pour and the portion packages are fun and easy to drink from with a straw. Thanks to the user convenience built into its design, consumers adapt to the new lightweight concept quickly.

  • Recommended by SRA

    Ecolean packages are easy to openAll Ecolean packages including the use of straw and SnapQuick™ are recommended by the Swedish Rheumatism Association as easy-to-use and easy-to-open.

  • On-the-go

    Ecolean_on_the_goThe portion-sized package is perfect when on the go and fits well for example in a sport bag or a child’s lunch box. Kids love the smooth handle and the possibility to drink from a straw.

  • Easy to open

    Ecolean_easy_to_openThough the packaging material is tough, it's a child's play to tear off the tip.

  • Grip and pour

    Ecolean_easy_to_holdThe air-filled handle makes it easy to get a grip on and the spout makes it easy to pour.

  • Easy to reclose

    Ecolean_easy_to_recloseAn opened family-sized package is easily reclosed with our innovative SnapQuick™ re-closing device.

  • Stands up and out

    Ecolean_steady_standingThanks to the clever geometrical form, the package stands steadily on the shelf and on the table.

  • To the last drop

    Ecolean_easy_to_emptyThe flexible package allows you to get all the content out of the package, no matter if the product has high or low viscosity. That also reduces food waste.

  • Microwaveable

    Ecolean_microwaveableThe Ecolean package is prepared for all challenges a modern life style can throw at it. Just remember to tear off the opening before you put it into the microwave oven.

  • Less waste

    Ecolean_less_wasteOnce empty, the package is flat as an envelope. Imagine the space they won't occupy in the bin and through the waste handling process.